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Contrada Puntalazzo

Contrada Puntalazzo

Standing at the highest point of Vigna Puntalazzo, one enjoys a breathtaking view on the Ionian Sea, from the Strait of Messina to the Gulf of Catania. On the horizon the mountains of Calabria, the tip of mainland Italy; nearly one thousand metres below the centre of the scenery is dominated by the Marina di Riposto, the old port of Mt. Etna, from where Etnean wine departed towards far-away estinations.
On the terraces that slope gently to the East, the Vigneri have carefully restored the ancient dry-stone walls, then they have planted fourteen-thousand Carricante vines, in a quincunx pattern of 1 metre x 1 metre.


Zone: East side of Etna
Altitude: 750 m (2500 ft.) above sea level
Extension: 1.3 Hectares (3,2 acres)
Varietals: Carricante


System: Alberello (bush), quincunx pattern
Planting density: 8.000 plants per hectar
Age of vines: up to 10 anni


Sandy, volcanic, very rich in minerals, with subacid reaction.


Vino: ANTE